Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to make a Vase Sparkle with Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner is safe, a bargain, and a great all around cleaner for you and your family! It only takes a tiny bit of the concentrate to fill a spray bottle! Check out how amazing and sparkly this vase gets when I spray it. All I did was spray, and wipe it out with a cloth!

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How to get your 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils at bargain prices!

Now that you are ready to get kick those chemicals in your home to the curb I am sure you want to know the best way to get your essential oils and natural products at bargain prices!  I know I wanted to know!  Healthy living doesn't have to be expensive in fact I know two great ways to get your products at a bargain!  Believe me!   I am one of those homeschooling moms that doesn't want to waist a cent so I am always looking for the best way to get healthy food and healthy products for my family at the best prices available from coupon clipping to using money saving apps... I have done it all!  But you don't have to do that with Young Living!  There are two easier ways to get the best deal on the Best Essential Oils available on the market!

1st is our amazing Premium starter kit!  The premium starter kit is priced at half off the retail price of the products included!  With that you get 11 amazing oils, some great samples, and a high quality diffuser for your home!  Then once you purchase the premium starter kit you will automatically save 24% off your oil purchases for LIFE!!!!  Yes, that is true!  All you have to do is put in 1 $50 order a year to keep that amazing discount!  That is better the any bargain store or club you can belong to! Here is a picture of everything that is included in our premium starter kit!  But be sure to read further!  You won't want to miss out on the second way you can get bargain prices on essential oils!

The second way to get even more bang for your essential oil buck is to join our Essential Rewards program!  With our convenient monthly auto ship where you get reduced shipping that you can change the products in at any time you can get all the products your family needs for a healthy home such as our amazing Thieves Household Cleaner and Ningxia Red immune boosting juice supplement at even better prices!  There are special Essential Rewards Kits of each of those product lines that save you money!  Not only do you get extra money off but you also get a percentage back in free products for your monthly order.  The first 3 months you get 10% back on what ever you order on essential rewards, At month 4 you start to get 20% back in rewards that you can use towards oil products, at month 25 you will get 25% back in free rewards.  So for example if you place a $300 order once you have reach 25 months you will get $75 free credit to use on additional products!  What store pays you back like this?  Isn't it amazing!  On top of this great free product percentage there are other bonus gifts at different months and then their are the monthly essential rewards bonus products that come at different levels of purchases.  This month there were some amazing bonuses!  I got Thieves Household Cleaner, a glass spray bottle, Dragon Time Oil, a 15ml large bottle of  Tea Tree Oil, Tangerine Vitality Oil, and Oola Grow oil completely FREE with my monthly order!  That is over $200 in FREE products!!!!   What a blessing to my family and I!  I know you want blessings for your family as well!   I like to encourage everyone to start out with an Essential rewards order because of the amazing blessings and bargains it can be!  You can start out with some thieves cleaner, Laundry Soap, or dish soap and an oil or two just to be able to get rid of some of those extra harmful chemicals in your home!  It is easy to do and will save you money in the long run!  The thieves Laundry Soap and Household cleaner last a long time!  So for your second month you can switch the products to something else you would like to try! It is super easy to do in your account and I am more then happy to walk anyone through it!  Also, you can sign up for Essential Rewards right when you are getting your starter kit!  It is all set up in an easy way for you! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

No Unicorn Chemicals for us! Chemical Free Unicorn Drink Recipe

Who wants a good for you version of a  Unicorn drink to bless their families socks off with!  Well, here it is!  My family loved loved loved this version!  No artificial chemicals or colors! Made with real fruit, our favorite paleo protein powder (you can use your favorite protein powder), and Jade Lemon Vitality Oil from Young Living!  It is important not to use any old oils that you find in the grocery store or amazon.  They only have to be 5% oils to label as pure so you never know what you are going to get.  Only use 100% pure theraputic Vitality oils that are labeled for ingestion!  This will keep you and your family safe!

Here is how I made it!
First I blended 3/4 cup frozen organic Strawberries 
🍓 with 1 & 1/4 cup water 💦 and vanilla bone broth protein powder.
I set that aside and then blended 3/4 cup frozen blueberries with 1 & 1/4 cup water 
💦, vanilla bone broth protein powder, and 3 drops Jade lemon Vitality oil!
Yes, it tasted like rainbow candy too!

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