Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Got Questions?

To keep this compliant please only ask general questions here.  I cannot answer specific medical questions but I am happy to share about how I got started with essential oils and how you can get started as well!

Essential oils have been a blessing to my whole family!  We have had so many amazing experiences with our oils from how we have replaced so many toxins in our lives to how we have used our oils to balance our emotions, or even help us in our faith walk!

Tree Hugger Essential Oil Blend

Today I was thinking about all the fun we have been having hiking and doing walks as a family. We love being in the out doors and yet love our convenient suburban life too! Being close enough to enjoy natural while being close to my husband work place is a big plus.

When I was thinking about the hikes we did in the old growth forest and at the waterfall I thought about how much I would love to bring that peaceful joyous time into my home so I decided to make a blend of essential oils to diffuse and I called it Tree Hugger because of all the tree hugging we literally did on our old growth hike!

It smelled amazing and really was great while I was cleaning up a bit today! It was like I was bringing the tree diffused sunshine into my home!

What did I add?

1 drop Myrtle Essential Oil
2 drops Cedar Wood Essential Oil
1 drop Cypress Essential Oil
2 drops Tangerine Essential Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

If you like more of a woodsy scent you can up the Cypress to two drops and it is nice too!

I hope you enjoy this blend! I look forward to sharing more with you! Please follow this blog, follow me on Instagram, and like my Facebook page!

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Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Adding a Little extra Flavor and Wow to AminoWise™

Recently I had a question about AminoWise™ that I thought I would answer with a video because it is a great question! If you have tasted AminoWise™ you know that it is a very lightly flavored supplement that is flavored with wolfberry and lemon. I was asked what could be added to it to give a little more flavor! In the video a share a few of my favorite oils to add for not only flavor but added benefits to my body systems!

YouTube Video

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