Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A snack with Heart!

Yum!  Ningxia Wolfberry Snack Hearts!

This super simple recipe will have your mouth watering and your family asking for more!

5 dates
1/2 cup Pecans
1/2 cup Ningxia Wolfberries divided
1 drop Tangerine Vitality Oil
1/4 cup chopped Macadamia nuts
1Tablespoon Organic Raw Cold pressed Coconut Oil

To begin use a food processor to chop dates.  Once chopped add the pecans in and chop again to fine or slightly coarse if you prefer a little more texture.  Next add half of the Ningxia Wolfberries and chop again.  Then add 1 drop of Tangerine Vitality oil, the rest of the Ningxia Wolfberries, Organic Raw Cold pressed Coconut Oil, and the chopped Macadamia nuts and stir until all the ingredients are incorporated.

Press out on a silicone mat or glass cutting board and cut into shapes.  Then freeze at least 5 minutes so that they set.  After that they are ready to serve!

I hope you will love it as much as my family does! Asher literally did a happy dance when he took a bite and said that on a scale 1-5 it rated 1000!!!  I am going to have to work on scales with him! 

Whole, raw, natural, organic foods mixed together for a fabulous snack! 

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